Night Ranger

Don't Let Up

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24th March 2017
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Frontiers Records
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Night Ranger seems like a band that has been around forever, but never really hitting the jackpot. They do not have the signature song that you remember and associate them with like so many of their fellow classic 80s American Hard Rock bands. They have over the years delivered solid albums; some favor their early albums, some pick one from the middle, while others pick one of the more recent releases.

You can divide their career into three parts: releasing five albums in the 80s, three in the 90s, and Don’t Let Up is their fourth since 2007. No matter which era you prefer, you always get catchy, entertaining, and technically well-crafted albums with songs at an acceptable level and up. However, my main concern has always been the longevity of the songs! Even though I have a positive “relation” with the band and their back-catalogue, there’s not a single song that stands out, and it’s sadly the same case with their new album.

While being solid, well produced and crafted, I fail to remember a refrain. I want my hard rock to leave a lasting memory and to have songs that have choruses I cannot get out of my mind.

Don’t Let Go is a fine selection of Night Ranger songs. These songs that will satisfy their fans, and they will fit right into their live set.

Solid – but I miss the little extra that makes an album special!


1. Somehow Someway (4:39)
2. Running Out of Time (4:24)
3. Truth (4:25)
4. Day and Night (5:20)
5. Don’t Let Up (4:18)
6. (Won’t Be Your) Fool Again (5:19)
7. Say What You Want (4:15)
8. We Can Work It Out (4:01)
9. Comfort Me (5:09)
10. Jamie (3:57)
11. Nothing Left of Yesterday (4:38)

Playing Time: 45:19

Brad Gillis – Guitars
Keri Kelli – Guitars
Jack Blades – Bass & vocals
Kelly Keagy – Drums & vocals
Eric Levy – Keyboards

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