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7th April 2017
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When I found a bunch of cd’s in the mail, sent by one of my review colleagues, this album of Nervochaos wasn’t the first that I payed attention to. The dark blue-ish cover artwork with tombstones and the name of the band did not make me very enthusiastic. Also, the genre on the info sheet, extreme metal, made me think this wasn’t an album for me! Therefore, after I listened to several other cd’s first, I put this one in the player. Since then, this is one of my favorite blackened death albums this year. Somehow, I missed all the six albums before Nyctophilia, but I think I will be looking for some soon.

This Brazilian combo does everything right. The mix of blackened death/thrash is worked out by Nervochaos to perfection. There is groove, they are extreme, they have an evil sound, the vocals sound aggressive and guttural, and the mix of different extreme music styles sounds quite original. I hear so many influences of bands in their style that I can’t mention them all. Below you find a YouTube link to the second track ‘Ritualistic,’ immediately one of my favorite tracks after the first spin. The riffs and atmosphere has some old Carcass and the Swedish death metal style. Bands like Pungent Stench and Mortuary Drape also enter my mind. Later on there are tracks reminding me of Morbid Angel, but also many Swedish death metal influences appear in ‘World Aborted.’ The third track has some Celtic Frost-like parts in it, but also a lot of groove.  Almost dance-able is the groovy part in ‘Live Like Suicide,’ which also  gets my approval.

Again, this proves for me that I can’t judge a book by its cover. This is a very welcome piece of music this month, and if you like both songs below, don’t hesitate to buy your copy.


01. Moloch Rise
02. Ritualistic
03. Ad Maiorem Satanea Gloriam
04. Season of the Witch
05. Waters of Chaos
06. The Midnight Hunter
07. Rites of the 13 Cemeteries
08. Vampiric Cannibal Goddess
09. Stained With Blood
10. Lord Death
11. Dead End
12. World Aborted
13. Live Like Suicide

Playing Time: 44:03

Lauro "Nightrealm" - Vocals/Guitar
Cherry - Guitar
Thiago "Anduscias" - Bass
Edu - Drums

Reinier de Vries
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