Negative Self

Control the Fear

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16th March 2018
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BDHW Records
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I could tell you a lot about Suicidal Tendencies and how their music made an impact on the lives of myself and a couple of my friends, but I’ll spare you.

I could also say a word or two about how Dr. Living Dead! impressed me when they appeared a few years ago and so effectively emulated the spirit and sounds of my thrash and crossover heroes of yonder years. I won’t spend too many words on that, either.

However, it is no coincidence, I suppose, that I am equally thrilled by NEGATIVE SELF. Lo and behold, singer/drummer (!) Andreas Sandberg was part of Dr. Living Dead! and continues the display of reverence of Mike Muir and his cohorts.

The releases Lights…Camera…Revolution and Art of Rebellion are landmark releases in my book of music history, and it would seem that they are in Sandberg’s too. Control the Fear is a bit like…well, Lights Part II. A cynic would say ‘copycats!’, but me, I go soft and say ‘aaah’ and think back to an age where genuinely new music was still to be discovered and ST was at a creative high (which certainly isn’t the case anymore).

One for the old school. Would like to see this band live, please. Could be fun, I’m sure!


1. Underneath the Wave
2. In My Head
3. Drawing Blood
4. A New Beginning
5. Never Leave
6. Answers
7. No Common Ground
8. Control the Fear
9. Curse of Life
10. The Pain Returns

Playing Time: 45 minutes

Andreas Sandberg - lead vocals, drums
Frank Guldstrand - bass
Tor Nyman - guitars
Viktor Svensson - guitars
Jakob Strand - drums

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