From Darkness To Light

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2nd August 2019
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Merging quality melodic Metal with (pro-)Christian lyrical themes, Narnia could be regarded as current spearheads of the White Metal sub-genre with 7 studio albums to their credit. Now the Swedes are about to release another full-length – “From Darkness To Light” – but does it merit the plaudits of its predecessors?

Yes…to an extent. I mean I miss the neo-classical licks of Carl Johan Grimmark that characterised early albums such as “Awakening” or “Long Live The King”. And some songs in this new album I found a bit dreary despite them being well executed and very well produced.

But, to use the titular metaphor, there is also light in darkness if you just look for it. For example ‘The Armour Of God’ is one of the more interesting songs – great keyboard melodies, top-notch melodic vocals and lively guitar licks. However it’s the title-track that probably contains the album’s most convincing moments. Indeed ‘From Darkness To Light’ is a dramatic and emotional song that embodies the best of Narnia. The second part of the song is instrumental so Narnia featured it as a separate track.

Other notable characteristics of this album: well, it has a lot of groove in it and vocalist Christian Rivel sometimes ventures quite low on the vocal scale.

So while I’m not 100% convinced “From Darkness To Light” has enough merits to justify a 7/10 rating.


1. A Crack In The Sky
2. You Are The Air That I Breathe
3. Has The River Run Dry
4. The Armour Of God
6. The War That Tore The Land
7. Sail On
8. I Will Follow
9. From Darkness To Light - Part 1
10. From Darkness To Light - Part 2

Playing Time: 46:54

Andreas Johansson drums
Jonatan Samuelsson bass
Martin Härenstam keyboards
Carl Johan Grimmark guitars, bass, keyboards,
Christian Rivel-Liljegren vocals

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