Motör Militia

World In Flames

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13th April 2018
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It’s not often that I have the opportunity to review a Metal album from the Middle East. Motör Militia are in fact from Bahrain, an archipelago in the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Qatar and “World In Flames” is already the band’s 3rd album. But, beyond its unusual origins, is it worth bothering about? Actually yes, it is.

First of all, let’s be clear what we’re on about: Motör Militia play a Thrash/Crossover sort of Metal in which I sense influences from bands such as Lamb Of God, Slayer and Exodus (particularly the Rob Dukes era).

I am immediately impressed by the professionalism of this album’s recording quality. The songs sound as tight as fuck and are characterised by furious drumming, decent guitar solos and enraged vocals. Sometimes the vocals can feel a bit tiring but there’s no denying they fit perfectly into the music of Motör Militia.

I strongly recommend this album for anyone with an interest in Thrash. If Bahrain is relying on bands such as Motör Militia to put the country on the global Metal map, then there is hope for the future.

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1. Zul
2. Ascendancy
3. Illuminate
4. Altar
5. Supremacy
6. Fallacy
7. Heretic Eye
8. Reckoning

Playing Time: 33:31

John Baker - vocals
Ahmed Janahi - guitar
Hisham Alawadhi - guitar
Mohammed Alkhuzaie - bass
Abdulla Muijrers - drums

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