Mother Of Sin


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13th March 2019
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Big Bad Wolf Records
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Perhaps the name Mother Of Sin doesn’t ring a lot of bells, but some of our readers sure know who Eduard Hovinga is. Yes indeed, this is the vocalist on the first 3 albums of the Dutch band Elegy. After that he joined the Danish band Prime Time and also recorded 3 albums. In 2003 he started his own band and after the 2005 debut Apathy and the 2010 album Absolution, this is their third release simply called 3.  Through time, the music did change a little bit, but still very recognizable MOS. The songs on the debut were perhaps a bit more complicated and less easy to get a grip. The second release already has more melodic catchy refrains, which makes their music more accessible. That process is continued on this new release.

The first thing that knocks me of my feet after the short intro is the low sounding guitar and the rather in front of the mix hammering drums. I have to think of early Evergrey albums due to the dark sound. Also the bass sounds very low tuned and heavy. The track is a kind of mix of Nevermore, Cacaphony and this combined with catchy singing lines. Insiders know that the singing of Eduard is great and immediately in the first song the band shows that they are capable of writing very catchy melodic refrains. With ‘Human Nova’ the tempo increases and again the shredding is outstanding.

The first tunes of  ‘Changes’ make me think of Rammstein but then turns into a rather commercial song with a kind of melodic American sounding rock vibe.   The shredding is in a kind of Zakk Wylde style. That is another thing I like about this band, the big variety in styles. Almost every song has different styles.  ‘Rise’ has again that typical mature American (stadium) rock sound.  ‘Sea Of Flames’ is more up tempo, with again Eduard his typical singing style. A lot heavier is ‘Dark Adrenaline’, this leans more towards dark power metal. Symphony X and Nevermore are bands that come to my mind.

The next few songs are of the same caliber, with sometimes great shredding guitars and beautiful melodic sing a long refrains. Compared to their first album the songs are a little  less complicated. Still there are quite a few parts you can call progressive, an example  is ‘A Departure’ which also has a refrain I can’t get out of my head.  Shredding is the key word for ‘The Call’ where Eduard shows that he is not only a good singer. Just before that it is difficult not to cry and show some emotions during the piano ballad ‘Torn’.

All in all this 3 is an album that grows spin after spin. At first I needed to get used to the rather dark and low sounding production, but due to the great refrains and beautiful melodic pieces  Mother Of Sin convinced me. Some of you perhaps have to get used to this bit different style compared with their more complicated debut, but I’m sure you will be convinced. If a combination of power metal, melodic refrains, lots of aggressive shredding, some progressive elements in typical Mother Of Sin styles sounds inviting, buy your copy!



01. Black Rain
02. Human Nova
03. Changes
04. Rise
05. Sea Of Flames
06. Dark Adrenaline
07. The Start Of Everything
08. The Bitter End
09. A Departure
10. Torn
11. The Call
12. Everything Inside

Playing Time: 51:00

Eduard Hovinga - Lead Vocals/Guitars
Gerry de Graaf - Drums
Peter Groen - Bass/Piano

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