Mother of Millions


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3rd November 2017
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Vicisolum Productions
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Progressive/alternative rock/metal band Mother Of Millions is a five piece from Greece.In 2014 they released their first album Human. Last month they released their second birth called Sigma. I am not familiar with their debut, but if it has the same quality as this second one, it will be certainly worth checking out.

If you are a fan of the band Karnivool or the slower melodic parts of the band Anathema, you should check them out. The songs are very well written, have excellent melodies, great keyboard lines and the guitars sound heavy when needed. The singing of George is emotional and adds a perfect atmosphere. One of my personal highlights is ‘Silence’ the longest track on the album. A real epic song with a strong build up. ‘Sigma’ is another track that absolutely should be listened to, especially the choir singing reminding of ‘The Wall’, but then with adults instead of children.

The music is rather complex, but the band focused on the songs instead of freaking out. I could write a lot more about the music, but due to lack of time and inspiration I will not. If you like bands such as Karnivool, Anathema, Caligula’s Horse or just alternative progressive atmospheric rock/metal in general, check them out.


1. Emerge
2. Shine
3. Silence
4. Rome
5. Their Passage the Light
6. Collision
7. The Rapture
8. Spiral
9. Sigma

Playing Time: 42:00

George Prokopiou – Vocals
Kostas Konstantinidis – Guitars
Panos Priftis – Bass
Makis Tsamkosoglou – Keyboards, Samples
George Boukaouris – Drums, Percussion

Reinier de Vries
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