Milk White Throat

House of Fire

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3rd August 2018
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Milk White Throat are a three-piece alternative prog/punk aggregation from Brighton. After one single, Under Duress, was recorded, and some family issues dealt with, they got together to record this, their first EP.  House of Fire careens back and forth between furious punk riffs and extended proggish guitar cacophonies.  I haven’t heard anything this exciting for quite some time.  At first I thought, oh, it’s just an EP, this will be a piece of cake.  Well, friends, this is no ordinary EP.

Granted, their are only three tracks, but the shortest one, Future History, is over six minutes long!  It is one hell of a jam, as well, with some serious guitar licks and unnerving punk screaming.  The drummer appears to be incredibly busy, always slamming and always rocking. The mid-way jam is excellent.  Just when you think they are going to let up, they are in your face again, incessantly pounding your brains into jelly.

The title track is up next, and it is a full 10 minutes of a slow burn that may first strike you as bluesy, but morphs into another evil cacophony while you least expect it.  It is a bit creepy, and disturbing, but very good.  There are layers and layers of guitars – it sounds like they spend a lot of time in the studio on this one!  That being said, I’m not really hearing a lot of overdubs.  Must be just straight ahead stuff!

Nearly Alive is another 8-minute monster with lots of riffage and pounding drums.  There is some furious jamming here, and some blood-curdling screaming to go along with it.  About three minutes in they do some serious guitar jamming, and the vocals range from clean and straight to a volatile punk roar.  This music has made me stand up, sit down, shake my head, and tap my toes.  Anyone who is into new rock should definitely give this one a try, you will not regret it!


1. Future History
2. House of Fire
3. Nearly Alive

Playing Time: 24 minutes and 18 seconds

Guillaume Croizon
Tom Humphrey
Brian Thomas

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