Metal Allegiance

Volume II : Power Drunk Majesty

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Release Date:
7th September 2018
Record Label:
Nuclear Blast
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The first album of this super group was, looking at the list of artists a little bit a disappointment for me. The songs on that album were not strong enough, but this time that is different. Again they found singers from several genres (not only thrash) to do the vocal part. A few are used to sing thrash songs, but others like Floor Jansen, Johan Hegg, Trevor Strnad and Troy Sanders are not. That does make this album even more interesting and this time all the songs are of a high quality. They found the most suitable singer for the song. It is almost as if they wrote the songs with already the vocalist in the back of their mind. So it is not only typical Bay Area like thrash you get to listen to.

The opener is one of the best thrash songs I listened to lately and with Portnoy on drums and Alex Skolnick on guitar the link to Testament isn’t far away. ‘Mother Of Sin’ is also pure thrash and with the recognizable style of Bobby Blitz it sound very familiar. One other song I need to mention is ‘Voodoo Of The Godsend, where the typical tribal drum style in combination with Max Cavalera almost makes it a Sepultura/Soulfly song. Mark Osegueda helps out on 2 tracks and both have a Death Angel kind of vibe.  Besides a hand full of guest singers there are also three guest guitarists: Andreas Kisser of Sepultura, Nita Strauss of The Iron Maidens and Alice Cooper, and Joe Satriani. Sometimes super groups fail to really shine, but this time with their second attempt, Metal Allegiance nailed it.

There is not a bad song or a musician that fails or has a bad performance. Well done and for all thrash fans and fans of the guest musicians a must own album.


01. The Accuser (feat. Trevor Strnad) 6:16
02. Bound by Silence (feat. John Bush) 4:57
03. Mother of Sin (feat. Bobby Blitz) 6:04
04. Terminal Illusion (feat. Mark Tornillo) 5:54
05. King with a Paper Crown (feat. Johan Hegg) 6:57
06. Voodoo of the Godsend (feat. Max Cavalera) 5:05
07. Liars & Thieves (feat. Troy Sanders) 5:56
08. Impulse Control (feat. Mark Osegueda) 4:12
09. Power Drunk Majesty (Part I) (feat. Mark Osegueda) 4:15
10. Power Drunk Majesty (Part II) (feat. Floor Jansen) 4:57

Playing Time: 54:00

Alex Skolnick (guitars, producer)
Mark Menghi (bassist, producer)
Mike Portnoy (drums)
David Ellefson (bass)

Reinier de Vries
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