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21st September 2018
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Nuclear Blast
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The third album of MaYan, the band around Epica’s Mark Jansen. The album sounds like a soundtrack of symphonic death metal. With crowdfunding the band could finance the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra for the orchestral and bombastic parts. This is a big advantage over an orchestra out of a box.

The music sounds grotesk, overwhelming and multi layered. The vocals form a nice contrast, Mark and George Oosthoek (ex-Orphanage) for the brutal grunting ones combined with the clean male vocals of Henning Basse and Adam Denlinger. Put on top female angelic vocals of Laura Macri and Marcela Bovio and things can’t go wrong. Perhaps you think that all this orchestration and symphonic parts do make this a soft album, but I can assure you that is not the case. The album has a lot of power and sounds very brutal at times. The lyrical concept of the album is inspired by books of Eckhart Tolle. The general message is that you should live in the now and must not think about the past or the future, carpe diem!

The opening track starts with a bulldozing orchestral part bursting out in controled chaos. This sets the mark for the entire album. Never the high level of the songs and musicianship is lowered. At the end of the song an estonishing solo makes it complete. After that I keep drooling song after song.

This is symphonic death metal top level. Joost van den Broek produced and mixed the album and did put the album on an even higher level. Dhyana serves you bombastic, aggressive, melodic, brutal, serene music in well arranged and written songs. I could have given 10 devils, but I keep some room for them to even top this album with their fourth in the future. It doesn’t get much better, I can assure you that!


01. The Rhythm Of Freedom
02. Tornado Of Thoughts - I Don't Think Therefore I Am
03. Saints Don't Die
04. Dhyana
05. Rebirth From Despair
06. The Power Process
07. The Illusory Self
08. Satori
09. Maya - The Veil Of Delusion
10. The Flaming Rage Of God
11. Set Me Free

Playing Time: 64:00

Laura Macrì (v)
Marcela Bovio (v)
Mark Jansen (v)
George Oosthoek (v)
Henning Basse (v)
Frank Schiphorst (g)
Merel Bechtold (g)
Jack Driessen (k)
Roel Käller (b)
Ariën van Weesenbeek (d)

Reinier de Vries
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