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21st September 2018
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When I first heard this album, I confess I was yes, intrigued, but not quite over-excited.

Swiss quintet Maxxwell play a groovy and lively Hard Rock where the emphasis is squarely on the songwriting. The generic nature of the material sort of muffle the band’s voice when they try to stand out from a multitude of bands operating within a similar genre. But, perhaps paradoxically, the songs in “Metalized” have a mainstream appeal to them too. So maybe Maxxwell just need a couple of hit songs to make it big…in addition to a heavy dose of luck. Who knows.

It’s worth noting that this album has been waiting in the queue to be reviewed for quite a while and during that time, I had numerous opportunities to listen to it over and over. And I noticed that over time, I grew to like the record more and more.

The lyrics of “Metalized” tend to lean on the ‘cheesy’ side but then the songs are quite catchy. ‘Back Again’ and ‘Independent’ are two of the more interesting ones, having a fine balance of melody and heaviness. ‘Given It All’ has a slightly slower tempo but without deviating from the album’s sound. ‘P.U.T.V.’ (Pump Up The Volume), with its staccato riffing, has a truly anthemic chorus.

So is “Metalized” likely to appeal to you? Well, if you’re still reading, yes that’s a distinct possibility.


1. Hurricane
2. Back Again
3. P.U.T.V.
4. She’s Mine
5. Scars
6. Metalized
7. Monsterball
8. Burn
9. Done With You
10. Given It All
11. The Temple
12. Raise Your Fist
13. Independent
14. Queen Of The Night
15. Scizophrenia

Playing Time: 59:27

Gilberto Meléndez – vocals
Hef Häfliger – guitars
Cyril Montavon – guitars
Oli Häller – drums
Adrian Müller – bass

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