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25th May 2018
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Next up in a long line of planned live releases in 2018 by Marillion, is “Smoke”. A release of 10 albums is planned for 2018, all available via digital platforms and on CD – each limited to just 5000 copies worldwide.

It began with “Holidays In Eden Live” and “Size Matters” in January, March saw the release of “Unplugged at the Walls” (recorded in 1998 in Oswestry) and “Tumbling Down the Years” (recorded at Saturday night performance during the Marillion Weekend at Centre Parcs, Port Zélande, in 2009). “Smoke” as well as the other release in May “Mirrors” were recorded at the band’s weekend at Minehead, England, in 2005.

Of the three I’ve heard so far, this is the one I like the best, culminating with the immense and massive closer ‘Garden Party’. But the thing with live albums is we all have our personal favorites and wish for a different set… but Marillion surely offers you the chance to hear many songs, and in many versions and environments.

But do the hardcore fans, which surely is the target group for these releases, really need so many new live albums in such short a time? I won’t be the judge, I just like the band and find it interesting to hear so many live albums.

Tumbling Down the Years

7 out of 10 Devils

Unplugged at the Walls

7 out of 10 Devils


01. Separated Out (6:05)
02. Under the Sun (5:07)
03. An Accidental Man (6:06)
04. Holidays in Eden (5:15)
05. If My Heart Were a Ball It Would Roll Uphill (9:17)
06. Deserve (4:39)
07. Answering Machine (2:56)
08. Rich (4:56)
09. Between You and Me (8:57)
10. Memory of Water (6:34)
11. Slainte Mhath (5:43)
12. Garden Party (7:51)

Playing Time: 73:33

Steve Hogarth - Vocals
Steve Rothery - Guitars
Pete Trewavas - Bass
Ian Mosley - Drums
Mark Kelly - Keyboards

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