Lost on the Road to Eternity

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19th January 2018
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Magnum has been a musical constant in my entire adulthood. I remember watching their “Days of No Trust” video on MTV and even though it’s a fairly simple video I loved it, and that was in a period of my life where close to 100% of the music blasting out of my speakers was thrash metal! Over the years they’ve been a sort of safe heaven, a band I could always to back to and get a solid dose of British Hard Rock, no matter which album I chose.

They’ve constantly delivered the goods and their bottom level has always been very high; some of my favorite albums of theirs include the Holy Trinity: ‘On a Storyteller’s Night’, ‘Vigilante’ and ‘Wings of Heaven’, as well as ‘Brand New Morning’ and ‘Into the Valley of the Moonking’, which all leads up to their new album ‘Lost on the Road to Eternity’.

Like so many times before the first thing you notice is the brilliant cover artwork, which has always been an important part of the whole package. Next is the music, which is once more exactly what I’d hoped for; this is pure and honest Magnum. Over the years they haven’t gone far off the path they chose more than 40 years ago, but they’ve managed to stay within the safe confines without repeating themselves at any point.

Even though there has been numerous changes in the line-up over the years and also leading up to this release, the core of Bob Catley and Tony Clarkin has stayed the same and the combination of the two remains their forte. And when it says Magnum on the cover you are surely getting just that! And we, the fans, wouldn’t have it any other way.

This album might be a little more epic than many of their previous albums with three very fine epic songs; “Welcome to the Cosmic Cabaret”, “Lost on the Road to Eternity” and “King of the World”, and there’s a nice special guest appearance by Tobias Sammet, but that’s just about it for them pushing the boundaries on this album.

Magnum helps kick off 2018 in the best way possible…

Cool album!


01. Peaches and Cream (4:56)
02. Show Me Your Hands (5:44)
03. Storm Baby (6:16)
04. Welcome to the Cosmic Cabaret (8:10)
05. Lost on the Road to Eternity (6:00)
06. Without Love (5:54)
07. Tell Me What You've Got To Say (6:26)
08. Ya Wanna Be Someone (5:57)
09. Forbidden Masquerade (5:02)
10. Glory to Ashes (5:34)
11. King of the World (7:04)

Playing Time: 67:30

Bob Catley - Vocals
Tony Clarkin - Guitars
Al Barrow - Bass
Lee Morris - Drums
Rick Benton - Keyboards

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