Lux Terminus

The Courage To Be

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24th August 2018
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A certain frame of mind needs to be entered if one is to listen to Cleveland, Ohio natives Lux Terminus.  This is actually more like embarking on a musical excursion, if you will. Prog listeners will be thrilled by the epic sweep of the instrumentals performed here.  There is but one track with vocals, Epilogue: Fly IV, featuring the angelic stylings of one Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering). The remainder of the tunes are instrumental JAMS, ranging anywhere from beautifully pristine classical passages to blistering jazz and metallic runs.  In order to prepare yourself, it is quite possibly necessary to indulge in your favorite libations…or whatever.

To begin with, we should probably also recognize the fact that these fellows are just getting rolling.  This is their debut album, and it was produced by the band. Precocious doesn’t even begin to cover it, folks.  These boys (and occasionally girls) are prepped to launch into your collective progressive brains.  If you are a fan of piano-driven instrumental madness, then this is definitely for you. Also featured as a guest artist is Timo Somers (Dutch metal band Delain)(the title track), who is featured on The Courage To Be, a 21-minute feast for the ears.  Truth be told, the title track could clearly almost stand as an EP on its own.

Also included are the funky strut of Electrocommunion, the jazzy breaks and haunting mid-section of The Road Home and the racing piano/bass/drum workout of Effusion.  This record brims to the point of spilling with enticing, fascinating instrumental progressive jamming.  Anyone who is a fan of Dixie Dregs, Dream Theater, Flying Colors, Spock’s Beard or any one of a number of outstanding virtuoso prog outfits will certainly enjoy The Courage To Be.  I know I have. I believe that I will go listen to it again! Cheers, Readers!


1. Prologue - The Departure
2. Electrocommunion
3. The Journey
4. Aberration
5. Miles Away
6. Spectral Shapes
7. The Road Home
8. Effusion
9. The Courage To Be
10. Epilogue - Fly

Playing Time: 63 minutes 17 seconds

Vikram Shankar - Piano & Keyboards
Matthew Kerschner - Drums
Brian Craft - Bass Guitar

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