Rise To Glory

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26th January 2018
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The Law of Devil’s Land and Dissilusion are still my favorite Loudness albums. Especially ‘Crazy Doctor’ and the magnificant intro ‘Exploder’ followed by ‘Dream Fantasy’ were my favorite songs. Singer Minoru Niihara had such an accent that even singing in English it sounded like Japanese. This did never bother me because it was kind of charming. With the year his English sounds better, but still you hear his background.

After the first albums the band tried to conquer the world with more commercial American sounding rock/metal, but old fans didn’t like it and the band got less popular. Most important member of Loudness is still Akira Takasaki, he is one of the best guitar players in the world and can be named in the same row as Yngwie, Becker, Vai and Satriani. On this new album he shows that he has still the speed and the class. After the intro, the first track sounds rather mainstream and mid tempo and is in my opinion an average opener. With ‘I’m Still Alive’, the first great song is a fact. It is  fast with great guitars parts. The next 4 tracks are good to listen to, but not groundshaking. That changes with ‘Massive Tornado’,  which indeed sounds like a real tornado. It is probably the heaviest track of Loudness ever, you can call it a thrash song if you like.

The second part of the album is like the first half very variable, with faster, more main stream mid tempo and softer pieces. ‘Rise To Glory’ is a fast song with Akira shredding like a young God.  Then my personal favorite ‘Why and For Whom’ follows. A piece that could have been on the Dissilusion album. Heavy, fast, catchy and with a great melodic singing line. The next three songs are a bit slower and more typical hard rock sounding. ‘Rain’ has a kind of doomy Black Sabbath vibe and the closing track sounds like a Scorpions track.

If Loudness would write an album with faster and heavier songs only, I would have awarded them with 9 devils for sure. All in all this new Loudness album is one of their better releases, but besides some real hammers it also contains a few weaker songs, so seven devils!


01. 8118
02. Soul on Fire
03. I'm Still Alive
04. Go for Broke
05. Until I See the Light
06. The Voice
07. Massive Tornado
08. Kama Sutra
09. Rise to Glory
10. Why and for Whom
11. No Limits
12. Rain
13. Let's All Rock

Playing Time: 53:17

Akira Takasaki – Guitar
Minoru Niihara – Vocals
Masayoshi Yamashita – Bass
Masayuki Suzuki – Drums

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