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8th November 2018
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Formed in 2007, Swansea, Wales’ Lost in Thought follow 2011’s Opus Arise with their sophomore session, Renascence.  In my less-than-perfect (so my wife reminds me) opinion, this is a bonafide prog-metal masterpiece.  Everything is there – the smoothly-oiled engine room (bass and drums are absolutely on fire), the sky vocals, the anthemic riffs, the incredible lead playing, the ethereal keys.  Time after time, track after track, they continue to nail down Prog Metal 101.

A New Life features a brief synthy intro, giving way to the heavy stuff soon thereafter.  There are mellow moments, of course, as a way of transition between the screams of blinding heaviness.  This is muscular metal folks – the vocals are every bit as strong as the drums and the guitars, and vice versa.  Those of you who love a good lead will be impressed. Excellent stuff.

Ascendance will reel you in with its prog metal chops, and some very strong vocal chops as well.  This is entrancing, exalted stuff. Many of these tracks could be anthems on FM radio were it not for the pop rap crap environs of many of today’s stations.  There are some seriously busy drums on this one, also, and throughout the entire recording.

The Promise is another pedal to the metal grinder.  Lots of excellent drumming going on again, and some shredding with the help of an insistent wah pedal.  Save Me is a long one, and features some superior swagger, especially when one considers that this is only a sophomore session.  The launch at the 5-minute mark will set you back in your chair a bit.  Don’t Fear Me is another big one – almost 7 minutes long.  It is another charger with big vocals. The middle cacophony is splendid.  Their is almost a vampiric quality to the vocals here – a very creepy vibe. Some excellent keys as well.

Open Your Eyes is relatively short, only 5 minutes, HA HA!  It features the nominal FX intro that one hears occasionally from this sort of upstart clan.  The pretty piano soon gives way to a very proggy, grandiose metal.  Some big production here as well.  Delirium is another very powerful number, reminding me of *FROST and Steven Wilson vocally at certain points. Legacy is another huge number, with busy-as-hell double bass drumming. Absolution, the closer, features keys and guitars at about the three-and-a-half minute mark.

In short, this second disc by Lost in Thought will not want to be missed!  It demands to be heard. Go buy. NOW.


1. A New Life
2. Ascendance
3. The Promise
4. Save Me
5. Don't Fear Me
6. Open Your Eyes
7. Delirium
8. Legacy
9. Absolution

Playing Time: 56 minutes 17 seconds

Deane Lazenby - Vocals
David Grey - Guitar
Diego Zapatero - Keyboards
Josh Heard - Bass
Chris Billingham - Drums

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