Teni Oktyabrya

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24th November 2017
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Solitude Productions
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, ,

Lorelei pushes their album “Teni Oktyabrya” (Shadows of October) into a darker, heavier, and much more hostile arena of Gothic Metal.  Pushing deeper into the depths of bleakness and exposing lyrically the stuggle and solitude of man’s suffering as it endures.  Unable to understand or interpret the lyrics due to a language barrier does not stop the listener from experiencing the raw emotions that permeate through each and every track on the album.

Taking four years to complete, “Teni Oktyabrya” showcases the amazing talents of each of the seven members.  From the keyboards to the crying axes throughout, Lorelei has definitely pushed themselves to a point where the hard work invested produced an amazing Gothic Metal album.  With influences ranging from Skryabin, Rachmaninov, Anathema and Black Sabbath one can expect to be exposed to some amazing composition with more piano and less strings this go around.



1. Into...
2. Ya - Severniy Veter
3. Morskaya
4. Sentyabr
5. I Tiho Vetly Shelestyat
6. Teni Oktyabrya
7. Severniy Bereg
8. Temnaya Voda
9. Noyabr
10. Canticum Angelorum

Playing Time: 44 Minutes

Alexei Ignatovich - Guitars
Marina Ignatovich - Keyboards
Egor Loktev - Guitars
Alexei Kuznetsov - Vocals
Kseniya Mikhailova - Vocals
Mariya Kiverina - Vocals
Alexander Grischenko - Bass

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