Lonely Robot

The Big Dream

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28th April 2017
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Inside Out Music
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John Mitchell is an excellent songwriter, musician, vocalist and producer. When he catalyzes all his energy and talent into something like Lonely Robot, the result is often breathtaking and exceptional. He has been part of many excellent British Prog Rock releases over the years; from Arena thru Kino, It Bites, Frost*, and now with Lonely Robot.

The astronaut from the first album, Please Come Home, is back on the second album. However, he’s no longer in space. This time he is in a new and rather strange and surreal environment. He encounters some strange episodes and meets some people with animal heads, as portrayed on the album cover. Always planned as a trilogy, it’ll be interesting to see where his journey takes him on the final chapter.

What began as a solo-project has grown into a full-blown band now, with Craig Blundell (Drums), Steve Vantsis (Bass), and Liam Holmes (Keyboards) joining him. Maybe that’s the main reason why this album sounds and feels more complete and so much more like a band effort.

The songs sound wise have strong ties to some of the things he’s been involved with in the past. A musical journey that began with Please Come Home has simply taken steps forward, and is moving more towards classic British Prog Rock, while still exploring new grounds and sounds.

I love every minute of this magnificent release, and am pleased to sign off on The Big Dream.


1. Prologue (Deep Sleep) (2:18)
2. Awakenings (5:18)
3. Sigma (5:08)
4. In Floral Green (5:18)
5. Everglow (5:04)
6. False Lights (5:36)
7. Symbolic (5:09)
8. The Living Art of Being (5:40)
9. The Big Dream (8:01)
10. Hello World Goodbye (3:56)
11. Epilogue (Sea Beams) (2:54)

Playing Time: 54:27

John Mitchell - Vocals, guitars
Steve Vantsis - Bass
Craig Blundell - Drums
Liam Holmes - Keyboards

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