A World of Fools

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24th February 2017
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Frontiers Records
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Five years have passed since their last album, and the line-up is not the same any longer, but that doesn’t seem to matter, because Lionville are still waving the AOR flag high. Founder, songwriter, and guitarist Stefano Lionetti is a skillful and talented songwriter and guitarist who knows his trade, and so does vocalist Lars Säflund (Work of Art) with his smooth voice.

AOR is all about catchy choruses, melodic vocal harmonies, and sweet sugar coated songs about love and harmony. It is pretty easy to fall into the trap and use the same template for all of your songs. The result is an album that leaves no lasting impression.

That’s sadly the case here. A World of Fools is a very smooth ride down the middle of the road. Too smooth, too polished, and too average if you ask me. Only the strong singing and a few guitar solos help salvage an otherwise very bland experience.

This has simply not struck a nerve with me at all, and even after numerous spins I still haven’t found a favorite song, which in my world tells the whole story of the product at hand. Sad, but true.


1. I Will Wait (4:07)
2. Show Me the Love (3:49)
3. Bring Me Back Our Love (4:45)
4. Heaven is Right Here (4:46)
5. A World of Fools (4:17)
6. One More Night (4:58)
7. All I Want (4:34)
8. Living on the Edge (4:14)
9. Our Good Goodbye (4:54)
10. Paradise (4:29)
11. Image of Your Soul (5:35)

Playing Time: 50:32

Stefano Lionetti - Guitars & keyboards
Lars Säfsund - Vocals
Michele Cusato - Guitars
Giulio Dagnino - Bass
Martino Malacrida - Drums

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