Life of Agony

A Place Where There's No More Pain

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28th April 2017
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Napalm Records
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There has been a Facebook “game” going around called 10 Concerts. I have not done it, but many of my friends have. This got me to thinking about the different concerts I have been to, and the bands I’ve had the privilege to see. One I have had the luck to see more than once is Life of Agony. The first time was for their 1995 album Ugly, and the second on their 1997 album Soul Searching Sun. Unfortunately, the band broke up soon after touring finished. It was many years before we would hear Life of Agony together again, as their third album Broken Valley was not released until 2005. They split again in 2011. Thankfully, Life of Agony have reformed again, and they have given us new music in the form of A Place Where There’s No More Pain, released April 28, 2017, via Napalm Records.

The first good thing about A Place Where There’s No More Pain is that LoA are back to the classic River Runs Red line-up, featuring vocalist Mina Caputo, guitarist Joey Z, bassist Alan Robert, and drummer Sal Abruscato. I think it’s obvious that from the energy of the songs that they are glad to be back together making music again. Songs like the lead single/title track, ‘Meet my Maker,’ and ‘Right This Wrong’ jump out of the speakers. They might not be as hard as something from River Runs Red, but the feeling is still there. This brings me to my second point; A Place Where There’s No More Pain feels more like the natural progression LoA should have made somewhere before or after Soul Searching Sun. It’s like the missing piece that make the rest of the puzzle make sense. Joey Z’s riffs and the hardcore-lite song structures bridge the gap between the heavily anguished songs the spilled from River Runs Red and Ugly over to the much more maligned Soul Searching Sun or even slightly disjointed Broken Valley. Speaking of disjointed, that leads me to my third point; Mina Caputo sounds great. Nothing against any of her previous performances, but from the sounds of A Place Where There’s No More Pain, she was very confident and comfortable recording this album. The transfer of emotion done through LoA’s music had always been one of their most noticeable traits. Caputo’s delivery on songs like ‘World Gone Mad’, ‘A New Low,’ and closer ‘Little Spots of You’ are as diverse and impactful as ever.

With A Place Where There’s No More Pain, LoA did not try to make another River Runs Red. Instead, they made an album that combines everything the band is known for, with a sound that fits their maturity as artists. A Place Where There’s No More Pain is the album Life of Agony fans didn’t know they needed. I just hope I don’t have to wait another twelve years before they do it again.


01. Meet My Maker
02. Right This Wrong
03. A Place Where There’s No More Pain
04. Dead Speak Kindly
05. A New Low
06. World Gone Mad
07. Bag Of Bones
08. Walking Catastrophe
09. Song For The Abused
10. Little Spots Of You

Playing Time: 40:29

Vocals - Mina Caputo,
Guitars - Joseph Zampella (a.k.a. Joey Z)
Bass - Alan Robert
Drums - Sal Abruscato

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