Radio Voltaire

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23rd March 2018
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Inside Out Music
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When the news broke early this year that a new Kino album was in the making many progressive rock fans, like me, dug out their copy of the long forgotten Kino debut album ‘Picture’ from 2005. Thirteen years of almost complete silence and now all of a sudden out the blue a new Kino album – the hopes for another magnificent neo-prog album made in the UK were awaken.

The label super-group is often and indiscriminately used to describe projects involving prominent musicians from a specific genre joining forces, but in this case the label fits! John Mitchell (Lonely Robot, It Bites, Frost* etc.), Pete Trewavas (Marillion, Transatlantic etc.), John Beck (It Bites) and Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson, Frost*) are some of most prominent representatives of a very strong progressive rock scene in the UK, and when they get together you stop up and listen…

Even though thirteen years have passed you are immediately taken back to the sound universe they established with ‘Picture’, but in a more straight-forward and laid back version. John Mitchell has put his big mark on this production, just like he has done on numerous great releases over the years, and there is some reminiscence to other projects he’s been involved in, but with a distinct Kino twist.

‘Radio Voltaire’ is a worthy follow up to ‘Picture’ and offers some of the finest neo-prog released in years, and a welcomed return to a band many thought of as a one off project.

Well done, and it surely deserves my stamp of approval!


01. Radio Voltaire (7:03)
02. The Dead Club (4:09)
03. Idlewild (6:00)
04. I Don't Know Why (5:23)
05. I Won't Break So Easily Any More (5:30)
06. Temple Tudor (4:28)
07. Out of Time (6:20)
08. Warmth of the Sun (1:49)
09. Grey Shapes on Concrete Fields (4:41)
10. Keep the Faith (5:35)
11. The Silent Fighter Pilot (4:49)

Playing Time: 55:51

John Mitchell - Vocals & guitars
Pete Trewavas - Bass
John Beck - Synthesizers
Craig Blundell - Drums

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