King Leviathan

Paean Herectica

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Release Date:
5th August 2017
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Infernum Records
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The UK’s South East coast beholds a town that many of our readers may be familiar with; Brighton. Most people associate the town with art, LGBT Pride, and feeling free. Within the Rock and Metal community it has also proven to be a great breeding ground for some of the best Underground Metal you will hear. Blackened Thrash Quartet King Leviathan have been a part of this scene for the past few years. The cult of King Leviathan formed in the year 2014. Since this unholy formation, they have wowed audiences with their dominant stage presence and equally authoritative music. This solid package has secured them appearances at Mammothfest three years running, a spot on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Open Air in 2015, and various other festivals up and down the country. They have also shared the stage with the likes of Abhorrent DecimationWretched SoulOnslaught, and Venom Inc. They show their worship for the old gods with their upcoming release, Paean Herectica, in just over a week’s time. Be afraid and be ready to worship the old gods with this specimen.

The atmospheric start of the opening track ‘Primitive Baptism’ grips the listener immediately before treating them to the sound this cult are very well known for; finger blistering guitar work, prevailing vocals, a pounding bass line and thunderous beats. This particular track will encourage headbanging wherever you might be listening to it.

The thing about King Leviathan and their music is that it will provide an immediate uplift in energy. Their debut album does just that. This is done by their songs having quite a few elements to the point where you don’t know what’s about to come next, and this definitely works in their favor. Each track on the album certainly shows an example of this, and is heard the most in ‘Coffin Swallower’, ‘Doomsayer’, and ‘Kingdom’.

‘Coffin Swallower’ is a somewhat unusual track for King Leviathan. Yes, it has all the elements they are known for, like the great contrast between clean vocals and growls, and the rapid drums accompanied by the blistering guitar work. Within the track there is a doom like element where a slow tempo kicks in with a solemn guitar. Only briefly, but it works, adding depth to their already great sound.

The track ‘Doomsayer’ is very King Levianthanesque, The name alone suggests worshipper of old gods already, and the early members of this cult know that this is what they are very well known for. This track commands authority from the word go with its marching beat, dirty riffs, and dominant vocals.

‘Kingdom’ is the track for those who love violent mosh pits and neck breaking headbanging. It contains rapid riffs and beats accompanied with aggressive vocals. The chorus with its more sweeping musical arrangements and clean vocals allows the listener to take a break before going in for round two.

With the album ending on a more than dominant note with the tracks ‘Like Wolves To The Throat Of The Lion’ and ‘The Grand Congregation’, to say this is a mighty follow up to their previous EP, The Shrine, would be a huge understatement. That is the mighty power of this cult.


1. Primitive Baptism
2. Santification
3. Kingdom
4. Agony
5. Doomsayer
6. Coffin Swallower
7. Harrowing Eyes
8. Like Wolves To The Throat Of The Lion
9. The Grand Congregation

Playing Time: 46:00

Adam Sedgwick - Vocals/Guitars
Rob Khuler - Lead Guitars/Backing Vocals
Sam Forrester - Bass/Backing Vocals
Danny Yates - Drums

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