Children of the Sounds

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22nd September 2017
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Inside Out Music
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To me, Kaipa embodies the spirit of the Swedish 70’s prog rock scene to perfection. Their sound is rooted in the early days of prog rock made in Sweden, and their warm analogue sound is easy to recognize and on this new album, Children of the Sounds, they stay within the same safe confines they’ve occupied since their reformation in 2002.

That is also the reason why I am not over the moon with this new album. Even though it’s still a very, very strong progressive rock album, it’s just a little too safe compared to the last couple of Kaipa releases. The five songs are all catchy, have great hooks, and the technical and production aspects are first class. Put any track on and you’ll immediately be brought back to the vintage sound of the 70’s, and all five songs fit very well within their sound universe.

But I miss the things that make you go Wow“, and the extraordinary spice that elevates a great album to something special. I wish Kaipa had pushed the envelope more and gone beyond their own boundaries. It might just be me nitpicking and expecting too much. That said, it’s still one of their best releases, just not their best and most complete. However, when taking an isolated look at Children of the Sounds, I doubt we’ll come across a better Swedish prog rock release this year!


01. Children of the Sounds (11:31)
02. On the Edge of New Horizons (17:10)
03. Like A Serpentine (12:52)
04. The Shadowy Sunlight (6:57)
05. What's Behind The Fields (9:31)

Playing Time: 58:01

Patrik Lundström - Vocals
Aleena Gibson - Vocals
Per Nilsson - Guitars
Jonas Reingold - Bass
Morgan Ågren - Drums
Hans Lundin - Keyboards & vocals

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