Jordan Rudess

Wired For Madness

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19th April 2019
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Mascot Label Group
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This latest foray into the musical spectrum from Dream Theater keyboard impresario Jordan Rudess is nothing short of magnificent. Check the mindblowing video for the title track and others on YouTube. You won’t even need any psychedelics for this stuff – it brings its own. Brought to us by Music Theories Recordings (part of the Mascot Label Group), not only does Wired For Madness please the ears – it will make you want to get up and dance, or even do some air guitar or headbanging!

The title track starts us off in fair enough shape – it is split into two sections, but together is a whopping 22-and-a-half minutes plus.  It is fair to say that this one is a monster vehicle for the keyboards. Of course, Jordan lets everyone else take their chance to shine as well. There are both male and female vocals, lead piper for Dream Theater James LaBrie notwithstanding, there are some fairly pleasant runs here. W4M throws in everything including the kitchen sink; you get rock, big band, classical orchestration, horns, strings, etc. – literally everything! Lots of fun to listen to, though.

Off the Ground sports a lovely piano intro. It is a medium-tempo AOR piece of prog. It also features some lead guitar pyrotechnics at the 3-minute mark. Drop Twist features a funky FX intro and some weird vocal FX. It is mainly just an instrumental jam! Perpetual Shine is another funky number. It is also an instrumental JAM with a showcase for synths and other keys thrown in to boot.

Just Can’t Win almost channels Z.Z. Top vocally, and is a ‘dirty blues song’, according to Rudess.  It features Joe Bonamassa on guitar and a brass section from hell.  There is a beautiful piano solo about three minutes in, and a gorgeous closing bit as well. There is some serious soloing from both Joe and Jordan on this one.

Just For Today has more pretty piano and plaintive vocals. This one is a bit depressing, oddly enough. There are inspirational vocals at times – sort of a ballad, this one. Why I Dream is the closer, and it is an uptempo rocker that clocks in at about 6 minutes. There is a vocal FX intro, followed by some vigorous bass playing, a lead guitar solo at the 4-minute mark, and is another all-out jam for the most part. Bass, piano, and the synths between 3 and 4 minutes are just fun jamming!

According to Rudess, this is ‘not a concept album‘. Whether you believe that or not is your own business. Go out and get Wired For Madness now. You will NOT be disappointed!


1. Wired For Madness Part 1
2. Wired For Madness Part 2
3. Off The Ground
4. Drop Twist
5. Perpetual Shine
6. Just Can't Win
7. Just For Today
8. Why I Dream

Playing Time: 52 minutes and 9 seconds

Jordan Rudess
Marco Minneman - drums
James LaBrie - vocals
Vinnie Moore - guitars
Guthrie Govan - guitars
Joe Bonamassa - guitars
John Petrucci - guitars
Rod Morgenstein - drums
Elijah Wood - drums

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