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22nd June 2019
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Glassville Records
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, ,

Jolly is a progressive-alternative rock band from New York City. Their first full length Forty-Six Minutes was released in 2009. After that they released  the two part album The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 1) in 2011 and Part 2 in 2013. Since 2015 they have been working on this new album and now it is finally released through Glassville Records. I recieved again the cd with an issue of the True Music Guide, the promotion magazine of JBM promotion. A complete Biography, an interview with drummer/producer Louis Abramson, several photos, upcoming gigs of other bands and all the info about the album can be found in the promotion guide.

I am not very familiar with the band Jolly, just because it isn’t the genre I am listening to on a daily base. Yet, after listening I found that this album deserved to be reviewed. Since The Real Thing I am a fan of Faith No More (only not the last release). I was immediately hooked by the opener ‘Lie To Me’. A song that has a lot of Faith No More influences. The singing, the melodies all see to that. In fact to me the song sounds like a perfect mix of Faith No More and Fates Warning. These influences can be found back on several other songs later on as well, ‘Violet’ is one of them.

‘Lazarus’ continues also rather dark and with some impressive Eastern sounding influences and catchy choruses. The song ends with the heaviest riffs on the entire album. After that the ballad ‘Rain’ continues. Talking about catchy, the  keyboard tunes on ‘Ava’ are catchy as hell. ‘Let It Go’ starts soft, serene and melodic, but has some very aggressive and heavy parts half way.

Fans of catchy choruses, nice piano parts, great choruses and a lot of melody will be pleased with Family. Expect a light version of  bands like Faith No More, Radiohead, Tool and Fates Warning. Sounds good to you? You might want to get to know Jolly.


1. Lie to Me
2. Lazarus (Space Masala)
3. Rain
4. Ava
5. Who Will Remember (When You Forget)
6. Let Go
7. Violet
8. Circuit Heaven
9. With Me

Playing Time: 51:00

Anadale – guitars/vocals
Anthony Rondinone – bass
Louis Abramson – drums
Joe Reilly – keyboards

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