James Christian


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20th April 2018
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Frontiers Records
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James Christian is one of my favorite hard rock vocalists and no matter if it’s his solo project like this release or his main band House of Lords, he always deliver a first class vocal performance. “Craving” is his fourth solo album, and his involvement is once more a guarantee for first class hard rock.

I would venture to say that he has yet to be part of an album, which has gone sour… while we might all have our personal favorite House of Lords album(s), the one thing they all have in common is some of the finest hard rock you will come across. Even though they came into the game rather late, just when the hay-days of glam rock and arena rock were running on its last breath, they’ve maintained the spirit and the roots of the 80s throughout all of their albums.

The same can be said about his solo albums, and I am not sure how he distinguishes between a House of Lords song and a song for his solo project… might be the lyrical approach to things. And he is also working with other song writers than his long-time sidekick Jimi Bell on “Craving”. But musically he’s still operating within the safe confines he knows so well; on this album he is just exploring the more softer sides a bit more.

Overall we are served a solid, yet unspectacular album where not all eleven songs are firing on all cylinders, but still worth your hard earned money if you, like me, loves his voice.

Rock solid!



01. Heaven is a Place in Hell (3:30)
02. Wild Boys (3:56)
03. Craving (3:22)
04. Jesus Wept (3:24)
05. World of Possibility (4:15)
06. Sidewinder (3:30)
07. I Won't Cry (4:13)
08. If There's a God (4:11)
09. Love is the Answer (3:37)
10. Black Wasn't Black (3:51)
11. Amen (2:58)

Playing Time: 41:13

James Christian - Vocals, acoustic guitars
Billy Seidman - Acoustic guitars
Tommy Denander - Guitars, bass, keyboards
Jimi Bell - Guitars
Pete Alpenborg - Guitars, bass
Alesandro del Vecchio - Keyboards
Clif Magness - All instruments (Craving)
Josh Freese - Drums

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