Wer lässt die Sau raus?!

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28th June 2019
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AFM Records
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There are comedians, there is Metal and there are bands that combine the best of both worlds. J.B.O is certainly one of these bands that play in the spirit of Metal and comedy at the same time. No Metal = no J.B.O. No funny, yet often surprisingly intelligent lyrics = no J.B.O either.

Musicalwise the album tends more to the lighter side with the occasional exception (example: “Hoffen und Bangen”) here and there which makes it much more mainstream compatible than many Metalheads prefer their Metal to be, while others will love it. And that is okay! It is not the kind of music people would expect at a Thrash Metal gig, but at a party? Why not? Ad some beer and a lot of sun to the mix and you get the metalised version of what you would expect at a regular beach club. Think “Jürgen Drews goes Metal”, but with occasionally smarter lyrics than one would expect. Is it right to call this “Fun Metal”? That is a tough question. Some will likely find this kind of Metal annoying, or at least occasionally annoying, but others will find it funny indeed. Love it, or hate it so to say.

Anyway, do not be surprised when some songs sound familiar. The reason for this is simple. J.B.O. went and metalised a couple of popular pop and “Schlager” songs here. And yes, this can be a bit annoying here and there, but then – all of a sudden – you get a slightly harder sequence that makes up for the annoyance. Also, the lyrics! Funny, silly yet surprisingly intelligent. J.B.O. would simply not work without them. And this is also why non speakers of German should be careful with this particular album, because you will only get half the fun.

Now, what to make of this album? 7 devils. However, if you should plan a party and want to play some Metal then this might be exactly the right album for you with its fun and “beery” vibe.

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01 - Überfall
02 - Mach Noch Eins Auf!
03 - Wer Lässt Die Sau Raus?!
04 - Hoffen Und Bangen
05 - Durst
06 - Depp
07 - Weil's Quatsch Ist
08 - Schlimmer Geht Immer
09 - Die Beste Stadt Der Welt
10 - In Meinem Kühlschrank Brennt Noch Licht
11 - Happy Birthday
12 - Hochzeitspunk
13 - Hochzeitsmarsch
14 - Heavy Metal Baby
15 - Hallo Bier

Playing Time: 40:51

Vocals & Guitar: Hannes “G.Laber” Holzmann
Bass: Ralph Bach
Guitar & Vocals: Vito C.
Drums: Wolfram Kellner

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