Iron Lamb

Blue Haze

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Release Date:
26th October 2018
Record Label:
The Sign Records
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Heavy Metal has developed quite a bit over the decades, but there is no denying that a lot of modern Heavy Metal is surprisingly conservative in a musical sense. Many would say that this is a source of weakness, while others tend more towards the argument that change just for the sake of change is a waste of time and effort. ‘Why reinvent something that you like the way it is? Why change when you are comfortable with how things are?’, that is the credo of many old school Metalheads. And why not? Music is a matter of personal taste and personal enjoyment. Fans are well within their right to enjoy modern Metal, musicians are well within their right to try something else, but so are those fans and those musicians who are more ‘traditionally minded’.

And yes, Iron Lamb is obviously a traditional band. In fact the band reminds a lot of Motorhead and Dianno-era Iron Maiden. Fast paced Metal, rough vocals, guitar solos, a driving beat, you name it, you get it. Take the 4th song “The Hunt”, for instance. It could just as well be something from Motorhead! In fact the singer’s voice is extremely reminiscent of Lemmy’s raspy voice which suits this rock n’roll style song extremely well. However, early 80s Paul Dianno would also suit the band. In fact chance is that many fans would probably wonder, if they had just found some forgotten Dianno era Iron Maiden tracks. A good example for this is already the first song “Apocalypse Express”. Underdog feeling, rough guitars, rough vocals, just what you would expect.

And yet, Iron Lamb is not a cover band. They play what they love and that is very old school, aka early NWOBHM style Heavy Metal with some rock n’roll thrown in for good measure. Modern Metal fans who love breakdowns are obviously not likely to enjoy this particular album, old school Metalfans, and particularly fans of Motorhead will likely love it! 8 devils!


1. Apocalypse Express
2. Bound By Gravity
3. Into The Night
4. The Hunt
5. Erase Rewind
6. (Fallin´ Like) Dominoes
7. The Iron and The Lamb
8. Dead Beat

Playing Time: 37:38

Vocals: D Bragman
Guitar: Johan Wallin
Bass: Daniel Ekeroth
Drums: Thomas Daun
Guitar Jens Bäckelin

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