The Majestic Supremacy of Cosmic Chaos

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4th December 2017
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Terror From Hell Records
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German Doom Metal is quickly solidifying itself as one of the hotspots for up and coming Doom Metal acts throughout Europe.  This scene has been growing since the likes of Ahab and Mantar, however, in 2018 the artists known as G., S., and J. are here to take it to another level .  Into Coffin has begun to seperate themselves from the pack as they go deeper, darker, lower and nastier.

Into Coffin has begun to seperate themselves from the pack as they go deeper, darker, lower and nastier than any thought possible.  /raVen/

With the release of “The Majestic Supremacy of Cosmic Chaos“,  Into Coffin have reached some very major metal milestones.  Uncomperable vocals on Crawling In Chaos demonstrates Tuvan Throat Singing at the 2:08 mark, Thrash Metal at the 3:50 mark shows some great versatility and finally the blazing drum beats at around the 11:55 spot spews dark brutality throughtout the remainder of the track.

Power of Metal is excited to see where this German Doom Metal band lands moving forward as Into Coffin begins to define itself as a continue to cross over in metal genres while still stayin’ true to their Doom Metal roots.  /raVen/

The Evanescence Creature from Nebula’s Dust keeps the tempo blazing forward in an almost punk manner.  This track is a vast deviation from other songs that fans of Into Coffin may be accustomed too. This track builds on some very punk and thrash foundations that tends to be more of an Alternative Doom metal that fits right Into Coffin’s wheelhouse so to speak(pun inteded).  Listeners that are fans of traditional Doom Metal may not be accustomed to the quick transitions into thrash and punk that Into Coffin brings forth in The Evanescence Creature from Necula’s Dust but I find it a refreshing deviation and leaves my dark and evil side wanting more.

The press release we received from Terror From Hell Records® states it best:

“‘The Majestic Supremacy Of Chosmic Chaos”contains slow, heavy bulldozing riffs pairing with the pummelling drumming that create an uncomfortable tension right before the whole thing ruthlessly fall in an abominable ride into the somber blackness. Atmospheric yet relentlessly oppressive, these two tracks portray a step further for the German trio, marking their Doom Death with terror and hopelessness. Echoing of Disembowelment, Winter and Witchchrist, this MCD leads the listener into a miserable and horrific realm of tragedy, conjuring dreadful memories from H.P.Lovecraft’s tales. …And with strange aeons, even death may die.”‘



1. Crawling In Chaos (15:48)
2. The Evanescence Creature From Nebula's Dust (12:48)

Playing Time: 28 Minutes

G. - Bass & Vocals
J. - Drums
S. - Guitars & Vocals

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