Circles of Despair

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30th August 2019
Record Label:
Big Bad Wolf Records
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Are you looking for a perfect blend of thrash and death, do not look any further. From the north of the Netherlands Insurrection shows how it should be done. The aggressive screaming vocals in combination with the furious riffs and high speed tempos are amazing. Opener ‘Enigma Machine’ is the blue print of a thrash/death song. But don’t think it is all aggression and violence, no they put in a lot of melody as well. ‘Non Existent Fall’ starts with a nice thrash riff to increase in tempo later on, but with nice melodic parts throughout the song. ‘Futile Existence’ opens with some of the best thrash riffs I heard this year. Screaming vocals and more grunting ones are alternated and make this one of my favorite tracks.

Somehow the band mixes aggression with melody in a way I haven’t heard for a couple of years. In the 4th song the band works that almost out into perfection, just listen to the solos and you will agree. As if we didn’t hear enough great heavy riffs yet, the band just continues in ‘The Deeper Depths’. The half spoken grunts see to it that it sounds very dark and together with the screaming vocals again a perfect blend of death and thrash. ‘Origin’ is a very fast song, with some screaming black metal influences. In ‘Spiralling Down’ the band shows that they also are into some darker a bit Opeth sounding and less heavy stuff, with accoustic guitar and cello included. What impresses me the most about Insurrection is the mature sound of the band. Sure the members have played in several other bands, but the skills are great. With a mix and mastering of Frederik Nordström everything sounds very balanced and heavy.

Is there nothing to complain about then? Well the only thing that bores me a bit after a while are the screaming vocals. There is too little variation and sounds the same in several songs after a while. Fortunately the more grunting ones compensate that a bit.


01. Enigma Machine
02. Non Existent Fall
03. Futile Existence
04. Comrades In White
05. The Deeper Depths
06. Origin
07. Dawn Of Defeat
08. Deity
09. Spiralling Down
10 …On Circles Of Despair

Playing Time: 42:00

Pieter Oevering - Vocals/Bass
Marten Hutten - Guitarts/Vocals
Armand Venema - Guitars
Douwe Talma - Drums

Reinier de Vries
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