Herman Frank

The Devil Rides Out

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Release Date:
18th November 2016
Record Label:
AFM Records
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“The Devil Rides Out” was the third solo outing from guitarist Herman Frank but it’s still hard to avoid comparisons with his previous bands. This is not an album that might incite you to play air-guitar and bang your head, but it’ll make you want to sing along to its songs. In other words “The Devil Rides Out” lies closer to the polished sound of Victory than to the gritty Metal of Accept (of course Accept and Victory being two of Frank’s previous/current bands).

If his solo albums have proven anything it’s the enduring talent of Herman Frank in writing great songs and strong melodies but the impact of a riff is still never far away. The opening of ‘Can’t Take It’ is a perfect example. Nonetheless ‘I Want It All’, with vocalist Rick Altzi in fine form, is more representational of this album….chock full of catchy refrains and strong harmonies.

Personally I’d have appreciated a bit more raggedness and punch but there’s no denying that “The Devil Rides Out” is deserving of the plaudits it sets out to achieve.


01. Running Back
02. Shout
03. Can't Take It
04. No Tears in Heaven
05. Ballhog Zone
06. Run Boy Run
07. Thunder of Madness
08. License to Kill
09. Stone Cold
10. Dead or Alive
11. Run for Cover
12. I Want It All

Playing Time:

Rick Altzi - vocals
Herman Frank - guitars
Michael Müller - bass
André Hilgers - drums

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