Opus II - The Annihilation

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16th February 2018
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Stefan Schmidt (Van Canto) is the mastermind behind this classical power metal band Heavatar. Adding influences of Chopin, Beethoven and Mozart to metal music isn’t new of course. Especially guitar virtuosi like Yngwie Malmsteen and several others already used that trick many years ago. Later on bands like Arachnes, Mekong Delta,  Therion, and many many others used melodies and themes of classical composers in their songs.

This new album of Heavatar opens furious with a nice crunchy guitar riff. Stefan isn’t the best metal singer around, but he manages well. His bit raw edged singing style fits to the music. The first real neo-classical sounding song is ‘Into Doom’ with choir singing parts and lots of Manowar influences. The first short piano tune introducing ‘Hijacked By Unicorns’  is from Chopin, in my opinion that is already the highlight of that song. Fortunately ‘ The Annihilation’ (tatatataaa tatatataaa) is again a bit faster and a better track. The next track I want to mention is ‘An Awakening’, a serene soft folk song with female vocals added. After that the tempo and heaviness increases in ‘A Battle Against All Hope’ with mighty orchestral parts reminding a bit of Epica. As a matter of fact the tracks 7-10 forms one long opus, with 4 different titles.

After that the band serves us a good verion of ‘Metal Daze’, especially the voice of Stefan fits well. The other extra track is called ‘The Look Inside’, this is the instrumental version of the 4 piece long song I already mentioned earlier, I must admit that I like it better with vocals.

All in all Heavatar created a good album, but somehow it just doesn’t hit me right in the face. 8 devils however isn’t bad and I’m sure there will be enough fans who think another devil should be added.


01 None Shall Sleep
02. Into Doom
03. Purpose Of A Virgin Mind
04. Hijacked By Unicorns
05. The Annihilation
06. Wake Up Now
07. A Broken Taboo
08. An Awakening
09. A Battle Against All Hope
10. A Look Inside
11. Metal Daze
12. The Look Inside (orchestral version)

Playing Time: 59:00

Stefan Schmidt – Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Sebastian Scharf – Lead Guitars
Daniel Wicke – Bass
Jörg Michael – Drums

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