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12th May 2017
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Frontiers Records
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Harem Scarem have now over fourteen studio albums, been fine-tuning their sound, and have released many outstanding hard rock albums. I still consider Weight of the World to be one the best representatives of the genre in this millennium.

The signature sound of Pete Lesperance’s guitar, and the always brilliant voice of Harry Hess sets the tone for Harem Scarem’s sound. After the opening pair of songs on United, you know that they’ve turned out another great hard rock album that features all the signature sounds we’ve grown familiar with from them.

One cool hard rock song chases another on United, and this might be their best album since Weight of the World. Catchy melodies and choruses, Harry Hess in top shape, razor-sharp guitar riffs and leads is the name of the game. Harem Scarem delivers on all fronts!

United is an excellent hard rock album, probably one the better you’ll come across this year!


1. United (4:45)
2. Here Today Gone Tomorrow (3:27)
3. Gravity (4:04)
4. Sinking Ship (4:11)
5. One of Life's Mysteries (3:57)
6. No Regrets (4:05)
7. Bite the Bullet (3:53)
8. Things I Know (4:03)
9. The Sky Is Falling (3:51)
10. Heaven and Earth (3:47)
11. Indestructible (5:01)

Playing Time: 46:34

Harry Hess -Vocals
Pete Lesperance - Guitar
Stan Miczek - Bass
Darren Smith - Background vocals
Creighton Doane - Drums

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