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6th July 2018
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Despite “Thirteen” being the band’s 4th album, it’s only my first opportunity to uncover Gwydion’s music. The band is from Portugal, and their songs speak of Vikings, Celtic mythology and Pagan lore, particularly in relation to Portugal.

Once the first (instrumental) track is over I start to hear elements of Children Of Bodom, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow and Sabaton, especially in the way heaviness is merged with melody. In fact, apart from the lyrics and some melodies, there’s not much here that I’d solidly place in the ‘Folk Metal’ category.

The sound is a bit overpolished for my taste. I get the nagging suspicion that the album was designed for a live delivery and this, at least in part, would explain the music’s immediacy. There’s some excellent material here and the epic ‘Revenge’ and ‘Allah’s Tagides’ are perfect examples of this.

So “Thirteen” has got me interested in Gwydion but I’m still reluctant to fully embrace the band. The quality of the keyboards didn’t impress me too much and I get the impression that “Thirteen” lacks a strong identity in a genre where musical identity is quite important.

Fans of Tyr, Alestorm, Sabaton….this one’s for you.


01. Heathen
02. 793
03. Balver Warfare
04. Strength Remains
05. King’s’s Last Breath
06. Revenge
07. Under Siege
08. Shield Maidenb’s Cry
09. Thirteen Days
10. Oh Land of Ours – Al Andaluz
11. Voyage
12. Allah’s Tagides

Playing Time: 53:08

Pedro Correia: drums
Bruno Ezz: bass
Daniel César: keyboards
Miguel Kaveirinha: guitars
João Paulo: guitars
Pedro Dias: vocals

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