God Dethroned

The World Ablaze

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5th May 2017
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Metal Blade Records
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How many bands quit and reunite a few years later? From now on, I will take information of bands quitting with a grain of salt. In 2012 Henri Sattler pulled the plug on God Dethroned. Their last gig was at the 70000 Tons of Metal cruise. It took three years before the band returned to the stage, and you know what, the first gig was in 2015 at the 70000 Tons of Metal cruise. A musician will always stay a musician I guess, so the whole world can enjoy this The World Ablaze.

For God Dethroned fans I have a fine message; it is still the music they are used to receiving from the Dutch death metal army. Like on the predecessor Passiondale, the lyrics have World War I as subject. Besides Henri Sattler, drummer Michiel van der Plicht was the only other member playing on their last album. Mike Ferguson (Detonation, Picture) on guitar and Jeroen Pomper (Icons of Brutality, Absorbed) now complete the quartet. After the intro, ‘Annihilation Crusade’ immediately sets off in furious tempo and leaves no prisoners. Henri spits his guts in his typical grunting style, although I have the idea that his growls are a bit lower than before. On other albums the band almost never slowed down. That has been my biggest problem with their music. Lucky for me, there is more variety in tempo this time. The title track is an example, as the band easily switches from supersonic blasting speed to a mid-tempo melodic piece. The songs have always been rather catchy, and that’s no different here. Next up are songs where Bolt Thrower influences pass by and some Swedish (old) death metal influenced riffs (‘Close To Victory’) can be recognized. After a short resting point called ‘Konigsberg,’ the music continues in a catchy slow marching tempo.

All in all, this is a comeback a lot of God Dethroned fans will welcome for sure. Could it be a coincidence that the release date is on our national Liberation Day (WW II)? One thing is sure, the title A World Ablaze is a bit to up to date.


01. A Call to Arms
02. Annihilation Crusade
03. The World Ablaze
04. On the Wrong Side of the Wire
05. Close to Victory
06. Konigsberg
07. Escape Across the Ice (The White Army)
08. Breathing Through Blood
09. Messina Ridge
10. The 11th Hour

Playing Time: 41:00

Henri Sattler - vocals & lead guitars
Michiel vd Plicht - drums
Mike Ferguson - lead guitars
Jeroen Pomper - bass

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