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13th October 2017
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Mighty Music
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For me, a new full-length from Forsaken was one of the most hotly anticipated releases of the year. Pentateuch refers to the first five books of the Bible, and this album is in fact the fifth in Forsaken’s history. The title also hints at the whereabouts of its lyrical inspiration, and a recurring theme seems to be the concept of a final judgment for our sins as an attempt to make sense of the chaos on earth. Well at least that’s my own interpretation of what Albert Bell, bass player and main lyricist, has penned. Now,let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the album!

Forsaken specialize in an epic vein of traditional Doom Metal, which in the case of Pentateuch bears a close rapport to the band’s previous two albums, After The Fall of 2009 and Dominaeon of 2005. Where Pentateuch differs is a stronger influence from the NWOBHM and early templates of the Metal genre. This can clearly be heard in the (relatively) uptempo ‘Sabaoth (The Law Giver)’ and with the chorus and melodies of ‘The Dove and the Raven’. This is not to say that Pentateuch isn’t dark, for it does indeed get quite murky at times.

Particularly noteworthy are the inspired solos of Forsaken guitarist Sean Vukovic. Similarly remarkable are the earth-shatteringly heavy riffs of the album. ‘Primal Wound’ weaves some interesting rhythmic patterns into a pulsating tempo. I reckon the aforementioned ‘Sabaoth’ is destined to be a classic in Forsaken’s repertoire. If Pentateuch is inherently epic, then album closer ‘Apocryphal Winds’ is the most grandiose of the lot. Clocking in at almost 16 minutes, it’s the crown jewel of this release, a bewitching and gloriously heavy track. My only complaint is its all-too-sudden ending.

Apart from some minor reservations with the sound, I feel Pentateuch is a masterful addition to the band’s discography. Forsaken’s relationship with Mighty Music has started off on the right foot.


1. Phaneros (Coming to Light)
2. Serpent Bride
3. The Banishment
4. Primal Wound
5. The Dove and the Raven
6. Decalogue
7. Sabaoth (The Law Giver)
8. Apocryphal Winds

Playing Time: 56:50

Leo Stivala - vocals
Sean Vukovic - guitars
Albert Bell - bass
Simeon Gatt – drums

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