Follow the Cipher

Follow the Cipher

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11th May 2018
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Nuclear Blast
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, ,

This female fronted Swedish combo is the band with Ken Kängström who also wrote several songs for Sabaton. For a band without a keyboard player in the line up, the keys play a rather big role in their music. Immediately the first song starts with impressive programmed keys and due to the combination of Linda and male vocals I can’t get the name Nightwish out of my head. The opener is one of the most catchy tracks I heard lately and I can’t get it out of my head. In the next tracks the combination of groove, leading keyboard parts, bombast and epic melodic metal are combined in a rather unique way. Sometimes it tends to over the top, but just in time there is a twist that prevents it.

In ‘Valkyria’ for instance there are some grunts and in ‘Winterfall’ Linda shows that she has besides a rather aggressive singing style also a great clean voice. Influences of arena rock, typical hair metal parts, bombast and power metal form the main ingredients on this album. At times the band Vixen enters my mind because of Linda’s singing style. One of my personal favorites is ‘Play With Fire’ , a power metal track where bombast, choir parts and aggressive fast riffs go hand in hand.  For a few this album might have too much keyboards and will sound a bit too overproduced, but the good songs and the very catchy grooves do convince me. The last track on the album is a song that Ken wrote for Sabaton, this version got a make over and a sound that sticks to the rest of the songs on this debut album Follow the Cipher.

This is a good album,it is catchy, bombastic and sounds gigantic. I will advice you to check it out if a combination of melodic (power) metal, lots of keys, arena rock and 80’s hair metal doesn’t scare you. I reward the album with an extra devil for Linda her voice!


01. Enter The Cipher
02. Valkyria
03. My Soldier
04. Winterfall
05. Titan's Call
06. The Rising
07. A Mind's Escape
08. Play With Fire
09. I Revive
10. Starlight
11. Carolus Rex

Playing Time: 45:00

Linda Toni Grahn (vocals)
Ken Kängström (guitar)
Viktor Carlsson (guitar)
Jonas Asplind (bass)
Karl Löfgren (drums)

Reinier de Vries
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