Intellectual Hooliganism

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7th September 2018
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Wood and Stone Productions
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I’m not sure that I even know where to begin.  Many will not appreciate Flummox, mainly because of their eclecticism – their flexibility, and their penchant to include humor in music.  It is very difficult to categorize Flummox, as they careen back and forth between prog excursions and Primus-style send-ups.  Those familiar with Psychostick, any one of a number of Mike Patton‘s side projects, Frank Zappa/Captain Beefheart, or even Beardfish, will most likely be able to find a place in their hearts for these fellows. Flummox can be many things – they can be proggers, they can be punkers – hell, they are probably even punters – but I highly doubt that they would admit it.  Flummox are not for the fain of heart.  Hell, I have a strong heart AND a strong stomach, and I am still not sure if they are for me.

I appreciate eclecticism just as much as the next listener; that being said, I almost wanted the boys to settle into one rhythm…just for a while, you understand, so I could relax.  If that is the vibe that you are looking for, then Flummox may not be for you.  I was continually reminded of some of the quirkiest acts in the business, as I mentioned above.  Some of you may not be able to handle this stuff…

There are short punk blasts (Hey, What Are You Up To, Rap Culture) and long prog/comedy numbers ( Black Phillip, Freedom Rooster (a tail of a chicken) and Oh, Possum.  There are also tracks that fall somewhere inbetween, length-wise.  There are many moments where I found myself saying ‘what the hell?’, and then of course there are moments to be expected.  There are cacophonies galore, and there are some silent passages.  Most of the work here is deranged at the very least.  If you are a fan of one of the acts mentioned above, then perhaps Flummox will be your cup of tea…be forewarned, however – they are an acquired taste!


1. Hey
2. Summer Cold
3. Tom Walker Blues
4. Raven In a Crow's Nest
5. A Bundle of Styx
6. Dysania
7. Black Phillip
8. What Are You Up To
9. Rape Culture
10. Alligator People
11. Freedom Rooster
12. Oh, Possum
13. See Ya Around

Playing Time: 72 minutes 47 seconds

Blake Dellinger - Bass, Lead Vocals
Drew Jones - Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Chase McCutcheon - Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals
Alan Pfeifer - Drums

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