Flotsam and Jetsam

The End Of Chaos

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18th January 2019
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AFM Records
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It was autumn 2010 when I drove to Denmark to visit some Power of Metal collegues. Several cd’s were spinning around in my car, one of them was the new Flotsam and Jetsam album The Cold. Especially the track ‘Better Off Dead’ became one of my favorites, due to the mood I was in back then. Arriving in Denmark and meeting my Danish metal friends, it didn’t take a lot of time to figure out that they did not know that Flotsam and Jetsam had a new album out. Back then they were not completely over the moon about the album, but perhaps that has changed after a few more listens.  Now, almost 9 years later, The End Of Chaos is ready. Their 2012 album Ugly Noise, was in the same kind of more modern sounding metal style as The Cold. Their 2016 album simply called Flotsam and Jetsam was already a lot faster than the predecessors and with this album they continue that path.

The End of Chaos has lots of fast and thrashy sounding songs, the production of Jacob Hansen is modern and perfectly balanced. Eric A.K. is one of the best singers in the metal scene and again he shows that song after song. The biggest compliment however goes out to their new drummer, Ken Mary,  known from Fifth Angel, TKO, Chastain, Alice Cooper, Impelliterri and House of Lords. The speed and tight drumming style of Ken is outstanding and together with the bass the excellent engine for each song. After the mid tempo opening track the band really opens all registers, ‘Control’ is a modern speed metal monster with some fine thrash riffs and Maiden influences. ‘Recover’ is a mid tempo heavy metal song in typical Flotsam and Jetsam style, a bit modern and with again some Maiden sounding melodies. ‘Prepare For Chaos’ is a riff based heavier song with again more speed. The high speed tracks continue with ‘Unwelcome Surprise’ as one of the highlights. The combination of thrash and power metal, or is that in fact speed metal, sounds fresh and reminds me of their first two albums.

Before you know it ‘The End’ starts and with that an album of almost 50 minutes of melodic speed metal with some fine thrash riffs ends. I push the repeat button and that will certainly not be the last time. Final conclusion is that Flotsam and Jetsam still delivers the goods, and in my opinion even stronger than on their last album. The first fine 2019 release is a fact!


1. Prisoner of Time (4:17)
2. Control (3:45)
3. Recover (4:08)
4. Prepare for Chaos (3:45)
5. Slowly Insane (3:53)
6. Architects of Hate (5:04)
7. Demolition Man (3:37)
8. Unwelcome Surprise (5:07)
9. Snake Eye (3:54)
10. Survive (4:08)
11. Good or Bad (3:55)
12. The End (3:47)

Playing Time: 49:20

Eric A.K. / Vocals
Michael Gilbert / Guitars
Steve Conley / Guitars
Michael Spencer / Bass
Ken Mary / Drums

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