Undying Light

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Release Date:
15th March 2019
Record Label:
Nuclear Blast
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, ,

This is my first time listening to Fallujah despite being aware of their existence for quite some time now, so I did some digging to learn more about their history. I found that there were very recent changes in their line-up on this album – Antonio Palermo, a new vocalist entered the picture and their guitarist of five years Brian James left the band.

Furthermore into my research, I noticed that some die-hard fans have quite a few complaints about the new vocalist – sounds familiar? Palermo and Hoffman are miles apart in terms of the quality and characteristics of their voices; Palermo has a technique of grunting sharply in contrast to Hoffman‘s lower and deeper reverberations. Through my perspective as a new listener, however, I think Palermo suits their sound just fine. It matches the punchiness and grit of their music. It doesn’t just complement but, – above and beyond – interactively brings forth another layer of unpredictability to their more stable and atmospheric strumming patterns.

Their first song “Glass House” perfectly captures the sound these guys are trying to convey to you, which, from what I can tell is supposed to be the signature sound of the band. That is to say, they’re not trying to waste anyone’s time. It is laid down as “in your face” and pretty effortless to get into.

This album works for me, but I’d have to carefully cherry pick about five of the ten songs. My preferences would include “Glass House“, “The Ocean Above” and “Sanctuary“. Very different songs, strictly speaking, but they can all be found on this single album!


01 - Glass House (04:04)
02 - Last Light (04:34)
03 - Ultraviolet (03:20)
04 - Dopamine (05:27)
05 - The Ocean Above (04:48)
06 - Hollow (04:37)
07 - Sanctuary (04:23)
08 - Eyes Like the Sun (04:42)
09 - Distant and Cold (04:03)
10 - Departure (04:56)

Playing Time: 44:54

Andrew Baird - Drums
Scott Carstairs - Guitars
Rob Morey - Bass
Antonio Palermo - Vocals

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