Hostile Defiance

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5th April 2019
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Metal Blade Records
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Possesed By Fire (1986) and Rising From The Sea (1987) have in my opinion about the same status as the first Kreator albums. That things do not work out the same for bands is not a surprise. Kreator became the most popular and famous German thrash band, Exumer quit and came back to life somewhere in 2008. In 2012 their come back album  Fire & Damnation was released followed by The Raging Tides in 2016 and now their fifth album Hostile Defiance is out! Those of you that like their last albums can be happy because the music is in the same recognizable style.

I had the pleasure to see the band live on their first gig of their tour at March 29th in Iduna Drachten. I was surprised by the perfect English of their enthusiastic singer Mem V. Stein, but found out later at home that he already lives for about 20 years in the U.S. The band already played a few songs from their new album. The title track, ‘Dust Eater’  and ‘Raptor’ are three I still remember. Old school thrash with a perfect production is what Exumer delivers. Mix 60% of Exodus with 20% of Slayer, 10% Kreator and 10% own influence and you know what to expect. With which I don’t want to say that Exumer is just a rip off, no for sure not, because they were already there in the early eighties. Piece by piece the songs are real hammers. Fast riffing, galloping rhytmns and aggressive vocals from start to finish. The slowest track is ‘Dust Eater’, which has the biggest Exodus influence due to the riff and the singing style.

My personal favorite on the album is ‘The Order Of Shadows’. The riff is contagious, the drum rhytmn outragious and Exumer added a weird sound which finishes it for me completely. All in all this is one of the best old school thrash albums of this year and fans of Exumer, Exodus, Slayer and Kreator have a must buy.


01. Hostile Defiance
02. Raptor
03. Carnage Rider
04. Dust Eater
05. King’s End
06. Descent
07. Trapper
08. The Order of Shadows
09. Vertical Violence
10. Splinter
11. He’s a Woman – She’s a Man (Scorpions-cover; cd-bonustrack)
12. Supposed to Rot (Entombed-cover, cd-bonustrack)

Playing Time: 42:00

Mem V. Stein: Vocals
Ray Mensh: Guitar
T. Schiavo: Bass
Matthias Kassner: Drums
Marc B: Guitar

Reinier de Vries
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