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18th January 2018
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Painted Bass Records
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Surprise surprise, a package landed on my doorstep with 3 promo cd’s in it. All Painted Bass Records releases and 2 of them are worth reviewing for sure. The other band isn’t metal or rock enough to review on a metal site. Extremities is a Dutch band that already released an EP in 2016 and now it is time for the first full length album. The music is described as progressive groove metal, but that doesn’t cover it all. There are voices saying that this band is going to fill the gap that Textures is leaving behind. I can agree with that, because there are indeed influences reminding of this band. The use of harsh, grunting vocals in combination with clean ones, the musical structures, the complex rhytmns and the groove in several songs see to that. But I think there is lots more!

Opener ‘Colussus’ is heavy as a mammoth and inspired by the band Gojira for sure. It is long ago that an opener impressed me immediately after the first tunes. Thimo Franssen has an impressive grunting voice, which reminds of Textures. After that ‘Circular Motions’ takes you on a trip with beautiful singing lines, melodies and atmospheric guitar parts. After that the variety of styles takes you on a trip with songs packed full of influences of bands like Mastodon, Pain of Salvation, Strapping Young Lad, Seven Dust, Devin Townsend etc. etc.

Without doing any song short, I want to mention ‘War’, just because of the extreme heavy start and the great riffs. The other epic piece I can’t neglect is  ‘The Inward Eye’, a real progressive  master piece. Jazzy parts, aggression, emotion and even some very well fitting saxophone parts all worked out well in a chaotic but well structured song. With the mastering done by Jochem Jacobs, a real convincing debut album is a fact. Just because I think the next album will even be better, I don’t give them all 10 devils yet, but they did get close!

This rather new Dutch band, is ready to conquer the world and every progressive metal fan already missing Textures has to check Gaia out!


01. Colossus
02. Circular Motions
03. Emissary
04. Hydrosphere
05. War
06. Reanimate
07. Through The Dreamscape
08. The Inward Eye
I Hinterland
II The Principle of Perpetuity
III Home Away From Home

Playing Time: 63:01

Thimo Franssen - Vocals
David Luiten - Guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Maarten Stoelhorst - Guitar
Pim Goverde - Drums, percussion
Bart Merkus - Bass, cello, backing vocals

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