Exit Eden

Rhapsodies In Black

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4th August 2017
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Napalm Records
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EXIT EDEN has four different singers from four different countries and four different backgrounds, yet they all fit together to create one upcoming group that will blow you away. What one thing do these singers have in common? They all stem from the world of Rock. Tomorrow Exit Eden release their debut album Rhapsodies In Black, and it  is much more than a covers album.

Exit Eden are a recent development to the Rock/Metal world. The group consists of Amanda Somerville, who is a dominant presence on the scene, Anna Brunner, who formed her first rock band at a young age, Marina La Torraca, who has performed alongside the likes of AVANTASIA, and VISIONS OF ATLANTIS front woman Clémentine Delauney. With their impressive biographies and backgrounds in music, it’s no surprise this album delivers craft and beauty.

The album contains covers of a variety of hits from the likes of Rhianna, Depeche Mode, Adele, and Madonna to name a few of them.  Each rendition of these superstar hits treat the listener to some spine chilling, hair raising beauty. The success of a great cover is that you make the song sound like your own and this is what’s delivered.

Examples of this are Impossible, Heaven’, and Paparazzi.

The Shontelle anthem, Impossible’, is a beautiful, uplifting song that has a lot of empowerment within the music and lyrics. The combined voices of this cover ensure the triumph and authority that the song brings isn’t forgotten. This is helped by the string arrangements and powerful backing music from the band. One can disagree, but this is easily one of the best covers of a song that one has heard for a long time.

As most people know, the ballad Heaven is originally by Bryan Adams. It’s been covered by DJ Sammy (Club Mix and Candlelight), and now it’s been covered by Exit Eden. With this rendition, they capture the essence of the song and it sounds closer to the original. Given the genre, they still successfully give it their own twist.

Paparazzi is a smash hit from modern pop icon Lady Gaga, so you knew it was going to sound very different from the original. Exit Eden do a sterling job with this song. From the childlike music intro, to the natural sounds past the second chorus, this is a great cover of a pop classic. Let’s wait and see if this causes some debate between Metal heads and Lady Gaga fans about which version is better.

To say this debut is a launchpad into the vast universe of music, not just Metal and Rock, but for all music lovers, is an understatement. I highly recommended Rhapsodies In Black if you wish to hear international pop hits in a different way.


1. Question Of TIme
2. Unfaithful
3. Incomplete
4. Impossible
5. Frozen
6. Heaven
7. Firework
8. Skyfall
9. Total Eclipse
10. Paparazzi
11. Fade To Grey

Playing Time: 47:12

Amanda Somerville - Vocals
Anna Brunner - Vocals
Marina La Torraca - Vocals
Clémentine Delauney - Vocals

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