The Humanity Race Extinction

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14th September 2018
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AFM Records
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Following up their debut LP Obscure Illusions (2015), this outfit from Belgium was actually formed in 2000.  When listening, it is easy to discern that they have honed their chops well. Ethernity features every member of the band. There are beautiful piano runs, wonderful barrages of heavy riffing, busy drumming, and, of course, some top shelf, incredible vocals from one Julie Colin.  I have heard MANY a sultry, sexy female singer in my day, but I have not heard the level of control that Julie has in quite some time.

Initialization (the opener) and Mark of the Enemy strike me as slightly underdeveloped ideas that need a bit of fleshing out.  Barring those two blurbs, there are twelve tracks of in-your-face melodic progressive metal.  The title track is one hell of a thumper, Nicolas pounding us into submission with his double-bass triphammer beat. The keyboards and the guitars are next to assault us, basically setting up a similar pattern for the majority of the tracks to come.  Fear not, dear reader – there is no settling in here.  Just when you think you have Ethernity figured out, they will throw you a musical curve.  Mechanical Life starts out slamming on all fours, complete with Zakk Wylde-style widdles thrown in for good measure. There are big drums and big vocals throughout.

Grey Skies features more heavy riffing and angelic vocals, and Julie shows off her control again, which is absolutely amazing and I probably won’t be able to stop raving about it for awhile!  Some exquisite piano runs on this number as well. Beyond Dread begins life with an acoustic strum, then kicks in with some big charges that had me air drumming while listening!  Artificial Souls had me headbanging as well.  In addition to the heavy riffing going on, there is lots of top shelf playing from the others.  Redefined is another slammer featuring keys and drums and some very strong vocal work again.  Rise of Droids recalls Pink Floyd with the jackboots intro, but soon that gives way to huge riffs, a wicked guitar solo and lots of keyboard assistance.

The Prototype kicks your face in with riffs heavier than anything right out of the gate.  There are moments when it seems as if the keys and the drums and the guitar are at war with each other! Just the way I like it!  The relentless barrage continues with Not the End, but it does not end there.   Warmth of Hope offers about the closes you’re going to get to a ballad on this recording.  That being said, there is some beautiful piano playing and some excellent singing as well. Indestructible  and Chaos Architect close out this epic work with more strong vocals and incredible drumming.

If I had any complaints, they would be about the bass player getting lost a bit in the mix. That is all.  Everything else is incredible. Top marks!


1. Initialization
2. The Humanity Race Extinction
3. Mechanical Life
4. Grey Skies
5. Beyond Dread
6. Artificial Souls
7. Redefined
8. Rise of Droids
9. Mark of the Enemy
10. The Prototype
11. Not the End
12. Warmth of Hope
13. Indestructible
14. Chaos Architect

Playing Time: 70 minutes and 46 seconds

Julie Colin : Vocals
Julien Spreutels : Keyboards
Nicolas Spreutels : Drums
Francesco Mattei : Lead Guitar
François Spreutels : Bass
Thomas Henry : Guitar

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