Eternal Flight


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17th November 2017
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Massacre Records
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This progressive/power metal band from France has already released 2 albums under the name Dream Child. They changed their name into Eternal Flight and this is their fourth release under that flag. At first I had to get used to the whining kind of singing style of Mr. Fois, he certainly isn’t the best in the progressive genre and sometimes he sounds a bit boring. Then there are the songs, I don’t think there is besides ‘Sinner’ a real bad song on the album, but there also isn’t one that shines. The songs sound a bit tame, no exciting hooks, no aggression, no interesting rhytmn changes or twists. Another weak point is that the longer tracks are just not interesting enough to keep me focused all the time.

Take for example the ‘Nightmare King II’, a song that starts in a rather dark atmosphere speeding up sounding like a U.S. power metal song, but then it is over for me. With 4 minutes this song would be long enough. ‘Routine Of Darkness’ is an almost accoustic ballad where you can hear that the vocalist has his limits. With ‘Sinner’ the worst song follows, it bores from start to finish. Such a simple track with sometimes false singing doesn’t belong on an album, just filling.

Fortunately the next track is a bit heavier and faster, but again the vocals are at times over the top. Lucky for me the best track follows; ‘Succubus’. It is perhaps not the most progressive track, in fact it is very straight forward power metal, but it has some balls. Another progressive track follows, but it has no power, sounds so brave and uninspired that I almost get desperate. I don’t want to be negative about a new album of a band that I know did their best, but I have to be honest. After the first up tempo tunes of ‘Pandora’s Box’ I get focused again, but when the music slows down I get disappointed again. Also the last song can’t safe this album from being very mediocre.

This Retrofuture has not enough interesting music, sounds uninspired, has a flat sounding production, the guitar riffs are not enough in front and there are in my opinion too many slow parts to keep the album going for 60 minutes.


01. Ante-dote
02. Poison
03. The Journey
04. Retrofuture
05. Nightmare King II
06. Machine God
07. Routine Of Darkness
08. Sinner
09. Danger Calling
10. Succubus
11. Labyrinth
12. Pandora's Box
13. Angels Of Violence

Playing Time: 60:00

Gérard Fois - Lead Vocals
Jérôme Fischer - Guitars
Thibaud Ducrot - Guitars
Cédric Nguyen - Bass
Thibaud Pontet - Drums

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