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8th March 2019
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The Artisan Era
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After an impressive EP, ‘Birthing Homunculi’ (2016), the virtuoso guitarist Nick Padovani strikes again and delivers with a dream team this album, ‘Demiurgus’, to make the universe out of primal matter!

Allow me to quote Nick: ‘Demiurgus is the culmination of 3 years of refinement packaged into 63 minutes of thoughtful compositions. The 14 tracks found within will take you through a journey inspired by the anime series, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’. That is a good summary of the deep work and the lyrics.

In order to be tasty progressive-technical-whatever-death-metal has to follow a sophisticated, demanding and delicate recipe, as straightforward demonstration and shredding can be rather indigestible.

The basic ingredients for this exacting musical genre are musicians who master their instruments (obvious!), tough growls and screams, a balance between finesse and strength, sharp rhythm guitars and smooth fretless bass (Hugo is back, only a few months after the last Beyond Creation masterpiece), drums from an alien, voluble and majestic guitar solos; last but not the least, rich compositions that grab and make you travel far, far away. These requirements are more than satisfied with ‘Demiurgus’.

The plus here, from ‘Illborn Augury’ and all along the record, are the piano and nylon string guitar parts, a touch of classic or flamenco. As the music is dense, intense, complex, the balance I was referring to is even better with these cool, inspired and atmospheric pieces.

Always in motion, never stifling, this album is complex and catchy as well; or memorable should I say (Desmond Child did not compose it…). Equipoise is more than a super group, more than an addition of talents. These guys enjoy what they do and succeed to share their passion.


1. Illborn Augury
2. Sovereign Sacrifices
3. Alchemic Web of Deceit
4. A Suit of My Flesh
5. Shrouded
6. Sigil Insidious
7. Reincarnated
8. Dualis Flamel
9. Eve of the Promised Day
10. Waking Divinity
11. Ecliptic
12. Squall of Souls
13.Cast Into Exile
14. Ouroboric

Playing Time:

Stevie Boiser - Vocals/Lyrics
Phil Tougas - Guitar, Nylon Guitar
Nick Padovani - Guitar, Nylon Guitar
Sanjay Kumar - Guitar
Hugo Doyon-Karout - Fretless Bass
Jimmy Pitts - Piano
Chason Westmoreland - Drums

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