The Solace System

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1st September 2017
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Nuclear Blast
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For many bands, an EP is a quick release in between albums to keep the fans satisfied in the long wait for a new album. This is not the case for Epica with The Solace System. Not only is their latest album, The Holographic Principle, not yet that old, but the songs on this EP are the same quality

The first song is already known by most fans, as it was released in June as a single. Its key ingredients are catchy refrains and beautiful orchestrations. ‘Fight Your Demons’ was a bonus single in the VIP package you could buy during the last tour. Now all can enjoy this powerful song with grunts included. ‘Architect of Light’ is an epic, heavy piece with nice choirs, aggressive grunts, and a nice groove. ‘Wheel Of Destiny’ starts like a guitar driven power metal hymn, but has some slower parts as well, with nice vocals by singer Simone Simons. The accoustic song ‘Immortal Melancholy’ reminds me of something from Blackmore’s Night. The band finishes heavy and fast with a typical Epica track, in which I really like the aggressive grunting parts near the end.

The Solace System is as good as The Holographic Principle, just a bit shorter, so it’s worth checking out!


01. The Solace System
02. Fight Your Demons
03. Architect Of Light
04. Wheel Of Destiny
05. Immortal Melancholy
06. Decoded Poetry

Playing Time: 29:00

Simone Simons (Vocals)
Isaac Delahaye (Guitars)
Mark Jansen (Guitars, grunts & screams)
Coen Janssen (Synths and piano)
Ariën van Weesenbeek (Drums)
Rob van der Loo (Bass)

Reinier de Vries
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