Enemy Inside

Dead Nation Army

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23rd January 2018
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Thrash Metal has a reputation for loud and aggressive music and similarly aggressive lyrics. Quite often these lyrics are just angry in respect to how things are in this world, and sometimes this anger also takes a political turn. With Enemy Inside the later is the case. This is not to say that they are overly blatant  – at least not by Thrash Metal standards – , but their lyrics and particularly their video for “All The Jerks In The World” make it clear where they stand. And this anger translates to highly aggressive songs which is exactly what fans of this genre have come to expect. Highly aggressive straight in your face Metal with lots of anger and aggression.

The aforementioned song “All The Jerks In The World” opens the EP with a highly aggressive rant, aggressive drums and the occasional guitar solo. In a way this makes the song a bit of a standard song for a Thrash Metal band, but it is still able to get the listener all powered up. So no, the song does not really reinvent the genre, but so what? It works and does what it is supposed to do. The next one “Devil In Disguise” seems like a more personal declaration of war. Whoever angered the singer should better stay away from any future Enemy Inside gigs, because the song reeks from personal anger. Whoever this person is would likely regret attending an Enemy Inside gig.  The next song “Buried Past” is also very aggressive, but there is a certain melody to it that is missing in the first song. One has to wonder whether Enemy Inside might want to pursuit this approach a bit more, because it could turn into something more unique, something that is still Thrash, yet a different kind of Thrash. And last but not least another political song with “Involution Revolution”. Talk about anger…

Now, it is obvious that this band seems to have some serious anger issues. Or maybe they are just discontent with how things are and simply use this form of art to express their dissatisfaction? Whatever it is, the band made a great choice when they picked their genre. Anger and Thrash Metal are simply made for each other. Rating-wise I considered giving the album 8 devils, but went for 7 devils instead. The EP is simply too formulaic for my liking, but I admit that others might come to a different conclusion. So yes, 7 very solid devils!


1. For All The Jerks
2. Devil In Disguise
3. Buried Past
4. Involution Revolution

Playing Time: 15:41

Francesco Cremisini (vocals/guitar)
Matteo Bellezza (guitar)
Andrea Pistone (bass)
Fabio Migliori (drums)

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