Blood, Guts and Games

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1st December 2017
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Frontiers Records
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When Gregg Giuffria left Angel to form his own solo project under the moniker Giuffria things looked very bright. He was joined by vocalist David Glen Eisley, guitarist Graig Goldy, bass player Chuck Wright and drummer Alan Krigger. A fine debut album was released and tours with Deep Purple and Foreigner followed, before people started to leave for other gigs, album number two followed without the anticipated success and the band eventually disbanded and is today probably best known as the band Goldy played in before joining Dio.

Two of the original members have joined forces to pick up where they left us so long ago: vocalist David Glen Eisley and guitarist Graig Goldy. And the outcome is a respectable journey back to the early days of heavy rock, with roots solid founded in the soil where giants like Rainbow and Whitesnake walked in the middle of the 1970s.

Pretty basic heavy rock with focus on a strong vocal and a strong rhythm and lead guitarist, and both show that they are still on top of their game and they deliver a solid performance throughout the hour worth of music on offer here.

Nice to have them back, and if you enjoy the bands mentioned above then I suggest you give this one a serious listen…

Solid effort!

Best moments: ‘The Heart is a Lonely Hunter’ and ‘Wings of a Hurricane’.


01. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (5:16)
02. I Don't Belong Here Anymore (5:39)
03. Lies I Can Live With (5:24)
04. No More Prayers in the Night (8:21)
05. Love of the Game (5:05)
06. Wings of a Hurricane (6:42)
07. Life, "If Only a Memory" (5:43)
08. Souls of Madness (6:04)
09. Track Thirteen (5:15)
10. Believe in One Another (7:32)

Playing Time: 61:04

David Glen Eisley - Vocals, additional guitars, keyboards, piano, bass & Hammond
Craig Goldy - Guitars, keyboards & bass
Ron Wikso - Drums

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