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26th October 2017
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Dreamgrave is a Hungarian metal act with an overreaching charm. Their humble beginnings started in 2012 with aims of blending numerous styles together with progressive themes. Years later they ventured into newer territories and presently they play an eclectic blend of progressive, gothic, symphonic and neoclassical metal. I had the pleasure of reviewing their latest release called “Monuments“.

I’d say “Monuments” is quite a journey of emotions. There is something hypnotizing about the exploratory nature of the album. It’s avant-garde in all its facets; The sound is equipped with a variety of colorful instruments – it also features a female soprano singing alongside a male voice with clean vocals as well as death metal growls; Their lyrics are not restrained by a single theme but by a storm of “daunting emotions” touching upon the ethereal and real aspects of dreams. Sonically, it gives off organic elements which may make one think they are listening to the band live – not overly mixed which perfectly fits their sound and works as an advantage from the perspective of the listener.  It has a  captivating feat that transitions from a playful simplicity in one moment, to monstrous verses the next.

It was a pleasant experience listening to “Monuments“.  The EP only contains 3 songs that span up to 24 minutes of listening so it’s not long but definitely worth the listen.


01. Drop the Curtain (04:41)
02. Monuments (07:50)
03. The Passing Faith in Others (11:54)

Playing Time: 24:25

Péter Gilián Bass
Tamás Tóth Drums
Dömötör Gyimesi Guitars, Vocals
János Mayer Keyboards, Guitars
Krisztina Baranyi Violin
Mária Molnár Vocals

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  1. Super album! You have donre a great work combining the heavenly softness with the heavy sounds. Lots if love from Poland!

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